Privacy Policy

We have kept it considerably of the high importance that the customer’s privacy is of utmost importance. That’s why we are bringing the detailed privacy policy all-in-one comprehensive information on the rights and duties of the company as well as its clients and customers. We also pay complete attention to delivering our services with decency, fairness and integrity under all circumstances. We hold a strong ground when it comes to maintaining the secrecy of the customer’s data.

We collect personal information of the user

We consider these terms and conditions to collect personal information of the user from the user.

  1. When the user shows the wish to get itself registered with us to get or avail itself the range of services offered by us.
  2. Information that the user receives in response to the chat the user had with us via different modes.
  3. Renewal of any software or request of services.
  4. Customer (s) who wishes to join Geek Accounting for the first time.
  5. We also collect certain financial information. We do so only when the user agrees to pay us against the services he is availing himself of or has availed or going to avail.

This is how we use the information

  1. The motive behind the collection of information is to stay in touch with the customer so that we provide them with all the latest updates about the software they are using. The information is specifically related to the upgrade, update and description and use of the tools and features that the software offers. We also provide users with support in case some error occurs in the software.
  2. In the cases where the user or the party shows its wish to resale the software on the credit terms, we collect the information to verify the credit card and the reference.

Access of our connectivity channels to the user

If the user would like to have any personal information or would like to correct any information that we have, you can contact us as follows.

Our Website:

Our Toll-Free Number: 1800-910-4754

Our Website:

Our Website uses “Cookies” in its Technology. Cookies are the piece of information where the website transfers specific data on particular’s hard disk to keep a record. User’s web surfing becomes easy once all your passwords, preferences and purchases are saved while you are on the website.

Our Storage Information system: 

We use electronic CMS and Database System for the storage of all the information. This vital information is accessible to only authorized users. In addition to this, we also make sure that we protect such vital information with complete integrity that we have for our customers.

Third-Party Service Provider: 

We are the third-party service provider of all accounting and bookkeeping services and we use advertisement as the medium of promotion of our website, pages and portals. This may also be the customer’s information that doesn’t include the email address, telephone number, financial details and email address as well. This is again to enhance the service for existing as well as new customers.

General Privacy Policy:

If you are looking for any information or you have any query about our privacy management procedure or general privacy policy that we carry for our customers, you can simply connect with us via our Toll-Free Number that we have mentioned above or you can find the toll-free number on the homepage of Similarly, we have other channels also through which you can connect with us for the same.

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